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Welcome to Wencop Nurseries 

Wencop Nurseries is a family owned business located near Barneveld in the Netherlands. Our enthusiastic team of professionals, with love for their work and our plants, grow a special range of park and avenue trees, multi-stemmed and solitary plants in high quality. Using our evergreen hedge plants, from two to more than six meters high, instant privacy can be realized.

For our 49 hectare nursery with humus-rich sandy soil, we select strong, mostly native, species with a high ornamental value and a positive influence on biodiversity.
There is a choice of many deciduous multi-stemmed and solitary trees, shrubs and solitary plants with graceful barks, flowers, fruits and autumn colors in various shapes, height and width sizes.
We mainly supply professional customers such as gardeners, municipalities and fellow growers.
Plants have many properties on which you can select. To  be able to plant the best plant, or plants, in an intended place, a lot of, sometimes new, knowledge is needed in a short time. As specialists, we are happy to give advice in making a choice. On our website under the heading  "Assortment" you can get an idea  of some of our possibilities.