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Wencop Kwekerijen mainly grows native, evergreen and deciduous plant species, most of which are grown on their own roots. Shrubs and bushes, solitary plants, multi-stemmed, feathered trees, semi- and standard stems are the growth forms we produce, in addition, we grow clipped shapes of which spherical shapes and hedge plants are the most important. The smallest plants we supply are +- 150cm high and 50cm wide, the largest 16 meters high and more than 8 meters wide.
In urban areas, plants become more and more important green elements which, among other qualities, provide shade, improve air quality and reduce noise. We see the great value of high-quality plants, which are to flourish in often sandy soils at their new location, while fulfilling their qualities to the maximum. We are working on a increasement of your choice of species that work well in these urban areas. In addition, quietness and privacy are more appreciated. In order to meet these demands and wishes we grow a variety of evergreen plants, in a range of shapes heights and widths. Narrow, evenly high hedges, but also wider zones with a playful variety of lively green are possible.
We try to give you an impression of all this by means of the photos on the next page. We wish you a lot, informative, viewing pleasure!