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Welcome to our site, we hope you will find what you are looking for!
You can expect us to supply you with our best plants for your clients intended new planting site.

The basis of our plants:

When growing, we prefer nature to help us. The sandy soil in our nurseries is fertilized with organic matter, doing that we feed soil life. During digestion, plant food is released and humus is formed. Especially the tops of young roots absorb, in cooperation with soil life, food and water.  In sandy soil it is relatively easy for plants to developpe a finely branched root system, to achieve as much advantage from soil life as possible.
We supply almost all our plants with a root ball, the basis of their growth at any new location.

The shapes:

A more compact, highly branched, sturdy plant meets the requirements of our customers in a better way, grows more easily after transplanting and needs less volume for transportation. Our professional growers transplant, prune and form all our plants regularly.  What is left behind after transplanting and pruning is, again, food for soil life.  Hedge plants are clipped more often, multi-stems are pruned only a few times. The pruning results in more similar plants, avenues and hedges that are realized with it are more beautiful.  
Green parts of the plant provide energy with which a plant grows its roots and branches. Evergreen plants are better protected against evaporation and can therefore be transplanted for a larger part of the year. In addition, with their green parts they can grow almost all year round, including their  roots.
Among our best plants are a lot of evergreen plants!


With the help of soil life, our plants can get almost all the nutrients they need out of the soil. That is why our plants not only grow well, but they are also healthy. If necessary, we help them being healthy, preferring the use of natural resources, so that soil life is spared. We use less chemistry to control 'weeds', so the photos of the plants at our nursery often show more life than just the plants we grow.

The growth:

Many of the plants we grow can easily live for 150 or more years. The estimated values realized while fulfilling the demands and wishes of a client by a plant are the most important criteria for the client at the time of purchasing. 
Both the client and us are therefore looking far into the future when choosing species to plant.
Our clients are based in almost every country in Europe, to offer them a sufficient choice, now and in the future, we want to add approximately 50 species in the coming years.


Our nursery has a high degree of mechanization, the use of machines allow our ten colleagues to do their work swift, efficiently and predictably. The machines contribute to the uniformity of our plants and the correctness of our planning.
The supply of evergreen plants often starts in August and ends in June. We harvest the ordered plants as short before the scheduled moment of delivery as possible. The delivered plants arrive fresh and vital at the new location; the regrowth is maximum.

Our basis:

Our customers, the basis of our nursery, are fellow nurseries, gardeners, web shops, governments and private individuals, located throughout Europe.
The vitality of our plants, which originates in our humous sandy soil and  the result of the work of our professional colleagues, results in a high-quality product. The main reason why our clients know how to find our nursery again and again.