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Environmental sustainability

Obviously at Wencop Nurseries environmental sustainability is an important item. How els could we  be a company with its focus on green? In our opinion, it speaks for itself that working with ‘greens’ means you have a heart for environmental sustainability. Our company at least, does everything possible to keep our environment as clean as can be.

This means that we keep our grounds and plantings healthy by only feeding them with organic compounds. We do this by taking into account what is already in the ground. Only the shortages we supplement, if necessary at all. By this, we  find our plants in a healthy state. And healthy plants are much less vulnerable to diseases and pests.
Does there nevertheless be a pest in our plants, we try first to combat it with biological agents. Only if this does not have the desired effect, we apply as a last resort to chemical pest control.

We are fighting our weeds in a mechanical way. Therefore it can happen that, when you visit our nursery, you will see a weed here and there. Only at the end of the season as mechanical weed control has no effect anymore, we choose to use other means against the weeds, so we will enter the winter relatively weed free. We do this for we do not want you to get our clods full of weed seeds .

Naturally, we are members of the DBN Sustainable Nurseries Netherlands.